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  • Most advanced Power Measurement Platform with an unprecedented range of capabilities
  • Highest Precision with Industry leading noise floor—as low as 1ppm vs 300ppm or more on competitive units
  • Up to 500 Harmonics at 400Hz, meets Airbus avionics power measurement criteria. Bar graph also features fingertip selectable numeric amplitude and phase data
  • Large, Hi-Resolution Color Display shows all the data you want with an easy-to-use touchscreen user interface to get you up and testing in no time
  • Modular design lets you choose up to 4 Power Measurement Channel Cards in any combination of 3 different Channel Card types
  • The S type Channel Card provides 0.1% basic Accuracy with 1 MHz class bandwidth for an extremely economical price
  • The A type Channel Card offers world class 0.03% Accuracy with 1MHz class bandwidth at a very reasonable cost
  • The W type Channel Card delivers 5 MHZ class bandwidth and a 0.1% basic accuracy
  • All Channel Cards types are available with one of 3 current input options: D Dual Shunt, H High Current and X External Current Transducer Input
  • Built-in Data Logger—Logs up to 16 selectable data results to USB thumbdrive. Intervals from 10mS to 100 hours with optional time/ date stamps
  • Power Data Screen displays V, A, W, VA, VAR and PF data for any selected channel or group of channels
  • Custom Power Data Screens lets you choose the color, font size, location and data you want displayed
  • With selectable time base and triggering—Scope View, acts as a digital scope to capture events such as in-rush current
  • Cycle View Represents a single cycle of the voltage and current periodic waveforms sampled over many cycles within a measurement period
  • Vector Screen—Displays up to 10 fundamental voltage and current vectors
  • History Screen—Like a DVR, the PA900 automatically maintains a continuous historical recording of measurement data. Any data from this record may be viewed or downloaded. Pause, clear and restart functionality is available from the HISTORY screen or via interface
  • Effective Sampling Rate for analysis of periodic signals within a measurement period is 384MSPS
  • Measurement Resolution—22 bit for S & W type Channel Cards, 24 bit for A type
  • Up to 3 Different Virtual Power Analyzers™ (VPAs) may be configured for three phase measurements or input/output efficiency tests—so there is no need to interconnect separate units in order to make synchronous or non-synchronous group power measurements
  • VPA Efficiency Grouping—Available data includes: Power totals for IN, MIDDEL and OUT efficiency groups, the power loss between any pair of groups, and the percentage efficiency between any pair of groups
  • VPA Multi-Channel Wiring—Each VPA may be configured as 2Ø3w (2 ch), 3Ø3w (2 ch), 3Ø3w (3 ch), 3Ø4w (3 ch)
  • Connectivity Ethernet, High Speed Serial and USB (client) control interfaces
  • Front Panel USB Drive Interface—Permits data logging to a file, screen shot capture, easy import and export of: display and measurement configurations and custom data screen definitions
  • Available MT type Channel Card for motor torque and speed inputs
  • CE mark certified to EN61010
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty, 2 Year Accuracy Specs and calibration cycle
  • Made in the USA



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